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Some reports say that there are some scents that boost productivity greatly. Aromatherapy is a therapeutic medicinal procedure that uses herbal plant extracts to encourage health and well-being. Essential oils come in a wide variety of scents and today we are offering something that speaks of relaxation and calmness. It is reported to have a warm, rich, and woody aroma. The product is called the Bargz Cedar Wood Essential Oil. Generated directly from the bark of a tree which is where the scent is coming from. It also ideally mixes with floral and citrus notes.

Here are a few uses of the essential oil:

Drop a few amounts into oil diffusing machines to scatter the smell in your whole room. It is advised to position your machine beside your bed, your computer, or your living room table. You can put one to two drops on your pillow to enjoy a better sleeping experience. Mix it with your indoor house spray to instantly enhance fragrance and promote good health.

Aromatherapy uses basic herbal oils medicinally to enhance the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It improves physical and mental health, respectively. Cedar wood is aimed to target congestion and respiratory infections. It is used also in steam inhalation treatment for treating the inflammation associated with bronchitis, sinusitis, and cough. The heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure are slowed down when exposed to this woodsy scent.

But not only that! It is also proven to repel wool moths, fleas, and ants. This surely is a package deal, with a good scent and a lot of benefits. So get yours today!

The Bargz Cedar Wood Essential Oil comes in a flat cap bottle packaging. The bottle is made of durable material that is resistant to shock. It is also spill-proof which is perfect to bring during your travels. The bottle cap seals the product very well which in turn preserves the quality of the oil for a longer period.

COMES ONLY FROM 100% PURE CEDARWOOD - are you always worried about the components of the stuff you use at home? Worry no more because Bargz Cedar Wood Essential Oil has no hazardous and toxic content at all! It is purely harvested from the cedar wood tree. Since it is pure, we can claim that it is environment friendly because it does not use any harmful chemicals.

IT HAS VARIOUS USES FOR EVERYDAY LIFESTYLE - don’t know where to specifically use the product? You can put a few drops in your oil diffuser machine, mix with your house spray to improve scent, or apply on your clothes or bed sheets. This essential oil has various purposes that can upgrade your daily way of living. Guaranteed safe to use every day!

STURDY, AIR-TIGHT GLASS BOTTLE PACKAGING - are you always on the traveling or always on the go? The Bargz Cedar Wood Essential Oil comes in sturdy amber bottles that are air-tight to prevent spilling in your bags. The glass is made of shockproof material which makes it perfect to be brought anywhere without worry of breaking.

CEDARWOOD HAS NATURAL CALMING PROPERTIES - are you always stressed or experiencing anxiety attacks? This essential oil can help with that problem! The wood some smell can slow down cardiac pace, respiration rate, and blood pressure. Continuously using this can definitely bring you a serene environment all throughout the day.

CAN HELP IN TREATMENT OF DISEASES FROM THE LUNGS - looking for something that doesn’t only smell good but also has a lot of benefits? Steam inhalation of the Bargz Cedar Wood Essential Oil can help inflammation that is associated with cough, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Getting treatment while enjoying a pleasurable scent is such a blast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our customers do, but we also sell essential oils that you can use in a diffuser or humidifier.

We have a wide collection of fragrances that are suitable for different personalities and preferences. We have amazing blends of floral, fruity, musky, woody, and tropical scents. Our fragrances are perfect for any gender. Our fragrances are designed to evoke different emotions and memories through their unique scents.

Apply a few drops of your fragrance oil or roll on the skin after a shower. It is highly recommended to apply fragrance on your pulse points such as on the writs, behind the ears, at the bottom of the throat, inside of the elbow, and behind the knees. Avoid applying fragrance oil on clothes as some oils can cause stains.

You can use a Bargz dropper or a spray cap. Make sure that the dropper or the spray cap's size is the same as the size of the bottle. (eg. if you get a 10ml bottle, you should also get a dropper or a spray cap for 10ml.)

There is no need for you to dilute or mix it with anything as this will affect the fragrance of the oil.

Please take a photo and send it to support@bargzoils.com. Provide a short description of the issue and someone will assist you.

Questions? Our helpful Bargz experts are on hand if you need them. Contact them here support@barzoils.com

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