Tiny Patrol Baby Proofing Door Stopper, Finger Pinch Guard Upgrade Version, Thick Design, Prevents Children Finger Pinch Injuries - 8 Pack

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Safety pinch guards protect fingers - both young and old - from accidentally getting pinched by closing doors. For this reason, door stoppers help make your home a safer place especially for little kids.

Because they are easy to use and longer lasting, Tiny Patrol door stoppers are great for daycare doors, and homes where there are kids or the elderly.

These finger pinch guards are created from a flexible material that fits any door size and easily regains its initial form when removed. TinyPatrol door stoppers can be installed in a matter of seconds without requiring any special tools – which is why they are very popular with busy parents. If you are looking to remove the hassle out of babyproofing your doors, these premium door stoppers are just what you need.

Tiny Patrol child safety door stoppers are created from an EVA foam material that has been rigorously tested to make sure it adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety.

These door stoppers come with a flexible c shape that easily adapts to any door size. Each of our finger pinch guards are ideal for preventing children from accidentally getting locked inside a room.

Tiny Patrol door stopper hinges come in a simple and sleek white design that easily blends with any home décor. Babyproofing your home doesn’t mean it has to look like a bunker.

These are high-density yet extremely lightweight foam door stoppers that regain their initial foam when removed. Easily install TinyPatrol pinch guards on any door and reuse when needed.


• GET MORE WITH TINY PATROL’S PREMIUM DOOR STOPPERS– are you looking for the safety door stoppers to protect your kid’s little hands and fingers? Tiny Patrol’s new door finger pinch guards are created from a premium foam material that retains its initial form when taken off the door. These door stopper types are durable and can withstand the most forceful door slams, jamming, and hard impacts.

• VALUE PACK OF FLEXIBLE C SHAPE FINGER PINCH GUARDS– are you looking for high quality finger pinch guards that stay put on your door? Save pack with this value pack of 8 door stoppers that will cover all the doors in your home. Because they are flexible to allow a tight fit, Tiny Patrol finger pinch guards will not fall or slide off. Get more value for money with our pack of soft EVA foam door stoppers.

• MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER FOR ITS LITTLE OCCUPANTS– are you worried about your child accidentally getting locked inside a room or getting hurt by a slamming door? Our pack of finger pinch guards for hinges on doors is all you need to keep your peace of mind. Prevent injuries, stop doors from slamming, and make it impossible for your child to be locked in the wrong room. What’s more, these door stoppers will prevent damage to

• BABY PROOF ANY SIZE DOOR IN SECONDS– are you looking for easy to use baby safety door stoppers that you can set up in seconds? Get your pack of Tiny Patrol pinch guards to your doors right out of the box. Our finger pinch guards are extremely light weight, and provide a snug fit around all door sizes. Easily place these safety pinch guards on the side or to the top of doors for instant babyproofing.

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