Nylea Birthday Cake Flower Candles with Happy Birthday Music Rotating Setup - Pink

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Do you want to make your birthday cake more pleasing to the eye? Surprise your visitors with this new trend birthday candle! It is wonderfully designed and shaped like a blooming lotus flower once the candles are lighted. The sparkles are amazing and it can surely catch the eyes of anyone invited to the party. Remove the awkwardness while everyone is singing happy birthday because they’ll be astonished by this impressive evolving birthday candle. The flower design is very attractive to the attendees may it will be a boy or a girl.

Amazing & Romantic Musical Birthday Candle - Nylea musical lotus rotating birthday candle-like closed flower buds, slowly bloom with the music. Petals rotate with flameless led lights up and play "happy birthday to you" automatically. Will be the hit of any birthday party!!!

Easy To Operate - Play a birthday song. Blowing towards the holes(at the center of the candle simulating the process of blowing birthday candles, making your best birthday wishes, at the same time lights are off. Or press the power button for, petals gathered with lights off.

Modes Flicker Light - press the power button, flameless flickering light switching between slow flicker/fast flicker/steady lighting and adopted with the newest techniques of rotating electronic music, bring you a wonderful birthday party.

Safe & Environment Friendly - Birthday candle use flameless light and battery-operated, absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks, safe for families.

Suitable For Multiple Occasions - Creative birthday candle, flicker like real flame, flicker candlelight presents real candle effects, classic and romantic, ideal for birthday, party, Christmas gifts, festival novelty gifts, or other occasions.

The perfect addition to any birthday cake. This candle opens up and plays music when lit.
Color: Pink
Material: plastic + wax
Dimension: approx 12*6*6 cm (L x W x H)
Please note: Candle is disposable / For one time use only The perfect candle for any birthday cake.

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