iCooker Digital Ph Meter For Water Testing [3 FREE Buffer Powder Mixture Included] Pen Tester with Auto Calibration Button Best Water Test Kit Aquarium Pool Hydroponic Measurement Range Tool

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Ever Needed an All-Time Convenient, Portable PH Meter?

If you ever needed a super convenient PH meter that can be carried anywhere and used in a snap, this is it. We designed this product to be the ideal solution for people regularly needed to test the PH of various household liquids such as food, water in the aquarium, pool, etc. However, it also doubles up as a multi-function piece of equipment that will also work impressively well at the lab and just about anywhere else. Get the number one PH Meter from a reputable brand for hassle-free, automatic readings.

Maximum Specifications

Covers the full 0-14 PH range, masters a resolution of 0.01 pH, with an accuracy reading of ± 0.01. In addition, it contains inbuilt temperature compensation over the 0-50 degrees range and runs on 2x 1.5v button battery. More inbuilt features that enhance pinpoint accuracy in this PH meter, plus it’s also lightweight for every place every-day use.


  •  AUTO CALIBRATED - the most convenient PH meter on the market. Features in-built calibration with buffer powders. Makes it easy for you to measure the PH of your food, water, aquarium, pool or anything else in a snap.
  •  SUPER EASY TO USE - easy to use for both new and experienced users. No fumbling with complicated readings or buttons. Just turn it on, dip in the liquid and read the display.
  • FAST & ACCURATE - arguably the fastest and most accurate portable PH meter ever. Fluid operation with a large digital display for easier reading. Real-time plug & play functioning.
  • POCKET FITTING - pocket fitting PH meter that's also lightweight and compact. Total concealed fit in your bag or pocket for easy, casual carrying.
  • USABLE ANYWHERE - with this iCooker product, you get a totally versatile PH meter. Can be used anywhere, at home, in the laboratory, at the swimming pool, Spa, RO system, etc.

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