Charcoal Incense Burner Pot Metallic Finish For Rock Incense Burning- [2.5 inch]

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          PRODUCT DESCRIPTION          


Bargzoils beautiful brass incense burner has golden carvings and an artistic design that will look elegant in your home. This elegant apparatus can be used to burn resin incense over charcoal as well as incense cones. It features a mesh screen (which is removable) that can be flipped over and used on both sides. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, practical and beautiful resin burner for your incense, this product will suffice.

The ultimate combination burner
Bargzoils brass bowl burner with a screen is the ideal combo burner. It features a sturdy screen that can be easily inverted to be used for burning rope incense, cones, or even small smudge sticks. This product is also ideal if you want to burn incense on charcoal tablets, particularly if you’re looking to burn a variety of incense one after the other. Simply scrape off the ashes from the charcoal tablet onto the sand below and you’re ready to burn a new incense.



• CLASSIC INDIAN STYLE - Our brass charcoal burner is designed to blend in with your décor and upbeat your living room’s style. It features an Indian style etched decoration that adds a sense of classic elegance to every space.

• REMOVABLE SCREEN - This thoughtfully built brass incense burner features a removable screen that can be removed for easier cleaning. Even better, this mesh screen can be flipped over and used on both sides if need be.

• MULTI-PURPOSE - Bargzoils charcoal burner is a truly multipurpose accessory. Whether you’re looking to burn incense over charcoal, incense cones, rope incense, or small smudge sticks – this burner has got you covered.

• HIGHLY DEPENDABLE - Dependability is the name of the game when it comes to Bargzoils premium range of incense burners. This particular charcoal resin burner features a sturdy base and a high-quality screen for added reliability.

          How to Use          

A) Burning incense cones
• To burn incense cones with this product, simply place the lit incense cone onto the mesh screen.
• We recommend you flip the lid over so that it’s concave with a bowl-like appearance
• The ash will collect in the base unit as your cone burns and releases its fragrant aroma.

B) Burning charcoal (and resin incense)
1. This burner can be used to heat charcoal before it’s transferred into another burner. Alternatively, you can directly burn resin incense on the heated charcoal. Follow the following simple steps.
2. Because the charcoal gets very hot, you’ll need to place sand, rocks, or ash into the base unit in order to create a buffer to reduce heat transfer
3. Put your burner on a ceramic coaster in order to protect your countertops in case the base gets hot
4. Light your charcoal tablet and place it onto the mesh screen (flip the lid into concave position to create a bowl-like shape)
5. Once your charcoal is heated and ready, put small amounts of resin incense onto it, or use a pair of tongs to move it to another burner

          Caution !         

• The brass burner might become very hot when charcoal is burning. Avoid touching it till the charcoal is exhausted and the unit has cooled down.
• Always use a wooden or ceramic coaster in order to protect your furniture or countertops from damage
• Keep this burner away from any flammable objects
• Actively exercise reasonable fire safety whenever burning incense.

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